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JULY 30, 2014: MORE OF AN A&R PAGE...NO BEATS FOR SALE (But we can get you lease/info, if you want.) This is a site for artists to LISTEN to beats (individually and in mix-montages) & DEMOS on BEATS (lyrics/melodies for you/your artists can cover (AND, the beats used for the demos). Hear tons of TOP BEATS we picked, of the TOP producers we heard. We don't SELL the beats, but they are here for you to enjoy, as a music stream, like Pandora/XM/etc., and inspire you, creatively; but, if you like a beat (instrumental, or the beats used in the vocal demos, below); contact us, and we have the beat license info, for you. NO SOCIAL MEDIA pats on heads. JUST BEATS for those sifting for GOLD! Hope you like my taste in beats. These are the ones I think folks should be jumpin on for radio-ready hits. I'm former Z-100/NY Asst. Program Director/Research Director; Billboard Hot 100 Chart Director. This will be WAY better, though; cause no CLUELESS/CONFUSED CORPORATE DOUCHEBAGS involved. (#TheyALLAre=Why they hired me!) ENJOY!

INDIVIDUAL BEATS (Heard in the mixtapes.) 
[BEAT]=Instrumental - No [BEAT] in title=Demo w vocals/Checc for beat underneath, too. 

(Singers/Rappers/A&R: Check for beats/melody/lyrics for your demo. Also fun to just listen to as fan of ZD!) If you want to go to a track, directly, including the free download, click title. Official website of, "Brain-seizing, superstar, legend, icon, heroic, crusader, treasure" (and dope rapper). - "KABC/KRLA/LA Times/LA Weekly" quotes on #KeyMan, @ZumaDogg  

Friday, July 18, 2014 Beats Vault [EMBEDDED PLAYER] @TheBeatStream on Twitter - - - - -

Spent past two years, listening to Industry/Instrumental/Radio-Ready/Pro #BEATS, by countless online producers, literally -- as round-the-clock -- as any human on earth probably has. Haven't watched TV/Movies for years...don't play XBox/games...I'm retired (no traffic commutes to 8-12 hours, at job/not listening to beats). And aside from sheer volume of beats, I've taken in, over this period; I have a history of picking hits, among the marginal/stiffs. Was radio/record biz guru, as program/music/research director at top radio stations in Columbus, K.C., D.C., Houston, New York City and former consultant for KIIS-FM, when they were #11 and needed help. BECAME #1 displacing Power 106. Speaking of Power106LA: When I was working for the D.C. radio station, they owned; the National Director of Programming asked me what they should do with their faltering/floundering/low-rated/outdated dance station. Didn't have to think long, since L.A. was RAP CAPITAL, back then, with N.W.A./DrDre era in effect. I said, "L.A. needs an ALL HIP-HOP station! Play ONLY rap music. It seemed like a strange idea to them, and the guy threw me out of his office. The station is NOW=POWER106. Then, Billboard hired me to be Hot 100 Chart Director. You A&R/Record Biz people know what THAT means. (IMPOSSIBLE JOB TO GET. I didn't apply for it. I was DEMANDED by record biz to take the position.) I'm able to do what no one else in the world is able to do, apparently. It's like a Rainman thing. POINT IS=if you are an's the direction I think you should be headed. A couple hundred of the beats I picked/liked of the 1000s x 1000s I've checked, past two years. Gonna have to put this player on #PRIVATE/#RESTRICTED again, soon, I have a feeling. Imagine if I opened the door to #Universal Music producer vaults of unreleased material...BETTER CHECK THESE NOW...anything you like=HOLLA! I can get you lease info. THEY ARE NOT IN ORDER BASED ON HOW GOOD THE BEAT IS. It is purposefully random, throughout. The bottom five beats are just as worthy as the top five in the player. Just check each beat for a few second, quickly; if you are that SERIOUS BEAT ADDICT/like to stay on top of things. The REAL purpose of this player is to allow me to stream these beats, like Pandora/XM. THIS is the MASTER LIBRARY! And since they are instrumental beats, meant for raps/vocals...set for :60 second playback, then on to next beat. That's how I like it, as background music. Don't wanna sit through a 4 minute beat...I like em, medley/mix style. Wow, you read all this. It was kinda my disclaimer -- AND attempt to get you to take this player SERIOUSLY, cause it's very UPLIFTING/INSPIRING.  BACK TO homepage.